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Remember those little television “mini-commercials,” “The More You Know,” where celebrities imparted useful snippets on a variety of timely subjects? Well, Dr. Nima feels that “The More You Know” about facial enhancements and procedures, the better the collaboration with you on your personalized Eos Rejuvenation plan. Dr. Nima truly loves educating his patients and is always excited to share information about the newest developments in his field. Come back often to check out the newest postings on Dr. Nima’s Blog.

Rhinoplasty to Improving Appearances and Function of the Nose

Whenever a new or non-savvy facial rejuvenation patient hears the term rhinoplasty they typically assume dramatic changes will be made to the nose and a person’s appearance. This is untrue, in today’s modern medical advancements in facial plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty can be utilized to not only change the shape of the nose but designed to fix

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