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Remember those little television “mini-commercials,” “The More You Know,” where celebrities imparted useful snippets on a variety of timely subjects? Well, Dr. Nima feels that “The More You Know” about facial enhancements and procedures, the better the collaboration with you on your personalized Eos Rejuvenation plan. Dr. Nima truly loves educating his patients and is always excited to share information about the newest developments in his field. Come back often to check out the newest postings on Dr. Nima’s Blog.

Three Ways to Improve Aging Signs Before the New Year

Growing older affects people differently, and around this time of year men and women are flocking to their local makeup artists to hide their facial flaws to look good ringing in the new year. A number of factors are responsible for the damage of aging skin including, chronological age, sun damage, genetics and lifestyle choices.

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Botox Found to Treat Facial Nerve Disorders from Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s palsy, also known as facial palsy, occurs at any age. It causes weakness in facial muscles, making one half of the face appear droopy. Your smile is one-sided and your eye resists to close. The effects develop suddenly, without warning and usually gets better within a few weeks, but many are left with continued

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