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Remember those little television “mini-commercials,” “The More You Know,” where celebrities imparted useful snippets on a variety of timely subjects? Well, Dr. Nima feels that “The More You Know” about facial enhancements and procedures, the better the collaboration with you on your personalized Eos Rejuvenation plan. Dr. Nima truly loves educating his patients and is always excited to share information about the newest developments in his field. Come back often to check out the newest postings on Dr. Nima’s Blog.

The Healing Process: Cast & Swelling

I am exactly eight weeks after my rhinoplasty and it still looks like I have a lot of swelling; is that normal? Yes, it is very common, especially if the skin is thicker, to have swelling just two months after a rhinoplasty. In general, it does take six months to one year for all the

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Post-Surgery: Dips, Bumps, Humps & What to Expect

What are the bumps on the side of my nose after a rhinoplasty? When the nasal bones are narrowed, the bones are brought more towards the middle of the face. Occasionally those lines will be felt if you run your fingers up and down it, but the most important thing is that they should not

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Deviated Septum and Rhinoplasty Correction

Rhinoplasty can address moderate and severe breathing issues, all while replenishing facial harmony for male and female patients. It is quite common to experience functional issues that make it difficult to breathe naturally. One of the most common issues that our clients ask about is the deviated septum. Other than breathing problems, Los Angeles and

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Facial Exercises for Rejuvenation Still Ineffective

While some of us are better at it than others, an aging face shows many signs of fatigue, trauma and restlessness. It is not that the person next to you that has the Fountain of Youth in their backyard, rather they are simply taking extra precautions and removing poor habits from their daily skin routine.

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