Our Office


In keeping with the Eos Rejuvenation philosophy of a highly personalized and comforting experience, upon arrival, one finds that the traditional sterility of a medical office has been replaced with a comfortable yet luxurious setting. Forget the “holding cell” experience one finds in most doctors’ waiting rooms. Your comfort is our priority!

Our offices are housed within the world-renowned and prestigious Lasky Clinic, located in a lush, private residential area of Beverly Hills, conveniently situated near outstanding hotel accommodations and high-end shopping. This unique setting provides convenience as well as a heightened level of privacy for our patients that cannot be found in large medical buildings.

5.1_OfficebottomMore importantly, Eos Rejuvenation has access to the Lasky Clinic’s free-standing ambulatory surgery center, providing a more flexible and convenient alternative to the traditional hospital-based outpatient setting. With three state-of-the-art operating rooms, private patient suites and six recovery beds on site, as well as a first-rate surgical staff with 24 years of experience, our patients can rest assured that they will be receiving the highest level of surgical care in a safe, warm and relaxed environment, in which each step of their care is attended to by the most qualified professionals available. By way of but one example, anesthesia is never administered to patients by nurse anesthetists alone. Medical doctors, who specialize in the art of anesthesia, are always on hand to maximize your safety and comfort. Furthermore, thanks to their specialized deep sedation techniques, you’ll wake refreshed, rather than groggy; that much closer to returning to your regular day-to-day.

To learn more about the Lasky Clinic Surgery Center please visit laskyclinic.com.