Facial Liposuction – Ali P.

“I have known Dr. Shemirani since he began his surgical training and
have watched him grow tremendously as a caring and skilled surgeon in
that time. When I wanted to have work done myself I approached Dr.
Shemirani and several facial plastics surgeon both in california and
the midwest to get a professional opinion on what to expect from the
procedure, its cost, and recovery time table. I must say that out of
everyone I spoke with, Dr. Shemirani, was the most informative and
approachable surgeon. He went into great detail about the nature of
the procedure and the recovery timeline. He answered all of my
questions and his office made scheduling and setting up the payment
process an absolute breeze. I was quite impressed with the results of
the procedure and had absolutely no problems post-operatively. There
was no major pain, swelling or bleeding after the procedure, and I was
quickly able to resume my regular routine within a week.

My advice to anyone who is considering a facial plastics procedure in
the greater los angeles area is to make an appointment for a
consultation with Dr. Shemirani. He will go into great detail with
you about your options and will be very honest and realistic about
what you can expect from each option, whether surgical or not. This
alone is something that you will not necessarily get with even the
best known surgeons in the area. And if you decide to have work
performed by him, his office will go out of their way to accomadate
your needs and Dr. Shemirani provide you with a very fair price.” – Ali P (Yelp)