Functional Rhinoplasty – Monica S.

“Going under the knife can be very nerve wrecking but Dr. Shemirani and his staff made me feel at ease. A week prior to my surgery they gave me a pre-operation kit which included: gauze, gloves, hydrogen peroxide, saline spray, cotton swabs, and a special shampoo I needed to wash with prior to my rhinoplasty procedure. The kit also included a step by step guide on how to prepare and what to expect after the procedure. They focused heavily on the use of arnica tablets to diminish any chances bruising..(I am so glad I listened to them, I only had ONE minor bruise)

I had many questions as I was extremely nervous but during my pre-op consultation all of my questions were answered. They explained every step of the procedure in detail. Dr. Shemirani was attentive of me during my recovery, he would check up on me periodically to make sure I was doing well. During my recovery I didn’t experience any pain whosoever, only minor discomfort which was normal. I was back to work in a week. I am completely satisfied with his work, he is a true genius. I am now 2 months post op and I feel great. My breathing has improved tremendously and the overall appearance of my nose is natural and fitting.. It’s everything I ever wished for! Thank you Dr. Shemirani and staff for taking such good care of me. You guys rock!!” – Monica S. ( Yelp)