Juvederm – Mamicutes

“It has happened to me right in front of my face, my two lips can’t describe it!” To quote CeCe, yes, I finally made the move after five years of wonder, and 2 years of looking on Real Self for the right Doctor.

Upon scrutinizing review, I chose Dr. Nima Shemarani and already know I made the smart move! From super
sweet Taylor at the front, to the thorough and soft yet informative Director of Ops, Neda, I felt warm reception and a genuinely comfortable atmosphere.

I had assumed to charge it to my Care Credit account, and found that there is an additional $100 charge for injectables which ultimately is a drop in the bucket so I didn’t mind. I tend to keep my checking low and transfer from savings at a separate bank which takes 2 days. And I wasn’t about to wait. All good, will know next time.

So I applied numbing cream but somehow swallowed the inner section of lips portion, so be careful if you rub your lips to absorb, I would use a pinky finger next one. Because I could feel it, Dr. S added more cream and let me rest.

He did both sides, had me sit up, studied me and was so articulate, I couldn’t wait to see. He was so easy to talk to, kind and had a great energy. Very pleased with his hand. Considering my hiccup with numbing, he was very skilled in that I didn’t cry. Haha I am such a pansy when it comes to ear, nose, throat, so I expected sensitivity.

This procedure was more painful than I expected but only due to my ill-preparations. Afterwords however, I felt like a total babe and expect to be better by Friday (today is Monday).

I will update as time passes but have a before/after pic, as well as a few in car directly after, followed by a couple at home hours after.

Bottom line, SO GLAD I WAITED AND SEARCHED FOR THE BEST. I will be back to maintain and couldn’t have asked for a better experience today. THANK YOU EVERYONE AT EOS!” –Mamicutes