Lip Enhancement – Lillianna

“I can happily say that I am a beautiful woman who is confident in my skin. It’s rare to see me with a face full of makeup and honestly, sometimes I just roll out of bed. I take pride in the natural appearance as it keeps me in tune with who I am. My lips are naturally really red, which is great. 🙂 I slap on some chap stick and I am ready to go. Aside from my natural practices, I am in the Fashion Industry where I design accessories for woman. With Instagram being the craze at the moment, I’m noticing post after post on amazing new fashion trends with these beautiful models and guess what?! They all have these gorgeous plump lips! I got to thinking. Are lips like the new fashion trend? I ran to the mirror, struck a pose and was sadly disappointed. After countless angles and colorful filters this once cute little pout didn’t seem so cute anymore. So like a schoolgirl on a Tuesday evening, I went straight to the books. After hours of searching for the best, I stumbled across EOS Rejuvenation in Beverly Hills. Unlike many other offices, they offered a free consultation! I’m so in!

When I arrived, Neda, the office manager explained in great detail about how the procedure goes and how quick and simple it is. My biggest concern? I most definitely wanted something natural and didn’t want anything permanent! Who knows, thin lips could make a come around next year. Eyebrows seemed to take similar formation.

So how did it go? Dr. Shemirani was amazing! He had such a soft touch and really listened to what I wanted. I honestly couldn’t have been in better hands. The minute that mirror and I came into contact, I was blown away! There were immediate results! Now, almost 1 week after the procedure they’ve really settled in nicely. I can happily say I’m very pleased with the whole experience at EOS Rejuvenation and with my sexy new lips, I’m now making any excuse to take a selfie! ;-)” – Lillianna