Non-Surgical Fillers – Joey S.

“Let me begin this review by summing it all up: This doctor is *Amazing*. I stepped in to his office a month ago for a cosmetic procedure of the face (non-surgical), and from the moment he walked in, I felt at ease. Dr Shemirani is extremely soft spoken, sits down and talks to you like a person, and makes you feel part of the process — a rarity for many cosmetic surgeons. Being a nurse, I understand the anatomy of the face, and I am pursuing a career in cosmetic nursing — so, I knew I would be a tough sell in terms of what the doctor’s knowledge base was. I have a very keen eye for symmetry of the face, and understand that no face is perfectly symmetrical — and that minor asymmetries can actually contribute to overall beauty. However, when it comes to marked asymmetry, or a lift here or there, or building lost volume — this is where it’s at.

My correction needed was very minimal — I have overall very good bone structure (or so I have been told) and good symmetry of the features. Dr. Shemirani guides you through the process, showing you his work as he goes — so that the result is not a total mystery. Another excellent point. A doctor should never just do his magic and then say “wallah” — unless of course you are under general anesthesia. Overall, my outcome has been a solid 10 — his office manager, Neda, is also wonderful — friendly, very knowledgeable, and explains everything. She is also very patient — as I can be quite a perfectionist when it comes to my looks and well, set in my ways in general.

I highly, highly recommend Dr. Shemirani and EOS for any non-surgical beauty procedure (peels, filler injectables, Botox) — and I am extremelyyyy picky! There is a reason this place has a solid perfect rating.

Talent: 10 / 10
Bedside Manner: 10 / 10
Office Staff: 10 / 10
Aesthetics: 9.5 / 10
Pricing: 9.5 / 10

Go see Dr. Shemirani ! Your face will thank you.” –Joey S. (Yelp)