Non-Surgical Fillers – Sassy G.


When it comes to your face,you only get one,so Take care of it! its so imperative to have the right Doctor work on it.Dr.Nima’s work is exceptional,he gives his patients quality time unlike other Dr.’s rushing you out,he is articulate,detailed and modest with his work.Its hard these days to find a honest Dr. at the right price$$

Yes,I’m Persian and I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve had a lil work done at the age of 26,when it looks so good and natural!

This was the first time ive had work done on my face.i got juviderm lip injections and a non-surgical nose procedure to the tip of my nose for more definition.Offically ,i went to Dr.Nima for a rhinoplasty,but he suggested i didnt need much work and with just a few injections of juviderm put into the tip of my nose it would make a significant difference.Which it did!I didnt think i looked that bad before,but after his super sweet consultant Neda,i believe ,sent me my before and after pictures i was amazed!!and the compliments ive been getting definitely makes it all worth doing! most Dr.’s these days, try to upsell you on unneccesary work that you dont really need,just to make your business.,instead Dr.Nima was honest and treated me like patient,not a business deal and saved me thousands of dollars!

My cousin also got the juviderm lip injections and after being 35 with 2 kids ,she also did restalyne injections under the eyes.I can honeslty say she looks just as young and refreshed as she did 10 years ago before having kids and always looking so tired.

They also have a summer special right now going for 2 restalyn syringes that i actaully purchased as a fathers day gift for my dad.

Thank you Dr.Nima and his wonderful staff for making me look better and your honest work,it truly speaks for itself.” – Sassy G (Yelp)