Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty – D.C.

“So today I happily went to Dr. Nima for my non surgical revision nose job…(got a nose job 10 years ago in Brazil, resulted very upturned and pinched nose with lots of nostrils show and uneven everything!!!) Anyway, Everyone is really cool there! So we discussed my goals and Dr. Nima patiently answered all of my questions. After that I check some before and after photoshopped pic of my nose and to the needles we went… Silly me went in an empty stomach, on the top of that I get extremely nervous around needles, so when I felt the first pinch I literally passed out… After waking up I still tried to keep my cool haha! To make my blood sugar levels normal he gave me Sprite and… Pizza!!! Told you they are cool!!! 🙂 Anyway, the amazing part is: even with just the minimal work he was able to get done, At home I noticed how perfectly even my nostrils finally are, and that has been my dream come true!!! If he was already able to make my nose sooo much better in a minute job, I can only imagine the final result after doing what we supposed to… My guess is.. Perfection!!! I will be back for the job in 2 weeks… What a gem of a doctor… I’ve been to many (maybe too many) and he is already my absolutely TOP one!!! Thank you so much Doc, see you again in 2 weeks! ??” – DCpeaceandlove (Realself)