Rhinoplasty – Maymayy

“In the midst of finding the right doctor to perform a non surgical nose job in order to give myself a straight profile, I found Dr. Nima through this site RealSelf itself. Considering his specialization in facial procedures along with reading off the reviews I was convinced to schedule a consultation. I reached out one morning and received a same day response from one of his staff members; they provided me with a briefing of what I was looking into and we decided on a date to come in. On the day of arrival I settled in quickly after completing the sign in process; was seated inside one of the patients’ room and ready to consult. To the point of it all, Dr. Nima along with his staff are all extremely friendly and provide you with answers to any of your concerns. He was actually the first and last stop for me as I decided to get it done there and then, and the results are perfect! They also pertain to the policy of providing a visit back for extra fills if you are not satisfied, free of charge. Might I add that I dropped my phone smack in the middle of my face one night and dented the bridge of my nose (something we’ve all probably done, but saying you dented yourself is a bit out of sorts) so I immediately requested a date to come back. The next available date was three weeks later – could have been a bit earlier but I was out camping. With that, I came in and Dr. Nima solved my dent in no time. He also provided me with a sample cream that might help my bug bites!! Cannot not emphasize how kind and invested he and the staff are to you, so losing all speech etiquette… he is a very cool dude and 5 star it, 10/10 it, did you fall from heaven because your face is messed up and should go to him type of guy. (Would provide a picture but I’d like to stay anonymous online here even though I could just take a picture of only my nose no big deal, but anyways, I also gave them permission to use my photo as a reference so in all likely-ness that they remember me perhaps show this review and they’ll find the picture.” – Maymayy (Realself)