Smile Line Fillers – Jennifer J.

“This past year I have been freaking out about my SMILE LINES. I hate wearing make up during the week. I love keeping my face fresh and clean – and most importantly YOUNG! Instead of resorting to concealer to hide my deep lines around my mouth I chose to see Dr. Shemirani for a Juvederm injection. I have never had anything done before. It’s been 2 weeks since my procedure and I’m thrilled with the results! No one would notice except me and Dr. Shemirani. I still look natural and my line is not noticeable as it annoyingly was. Of course I have lines when I smile – that is NORMAL ladies! My problem was that one of my lines was deeper than the other and appeared even when I didn’t smile.

I recommend Dr. Shemirani as the go-to-doctor for all face related needs. He knows what he’s doing! Plus he’s such a nice guy! He has a beautiful office located in Beverly Hills with convenient parking and PRIVACY (unlike busy Bedford Drive where most plastic surgeons are). Both him and his staff are very knowledgable and courteous.” – Jennifer J (Yelp)